Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's Been Growing?

  Since you have been dying to see what's been em to enlarge

The cherries are plentiful.
Tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.

Here be many strange bedfellows.  Tomato, scarlet runner bean, marigold, african daisy, zinnia, verbena and a  local wild orchid.

Three sisters garden with corn, beans, zucchini and squash,  with sunflower on the  northern side.

Asparagus fruits in this first year bed.

Our native honeybee.

On to the next flower.

Borage, a very nutritious edible, also known as starflower.

Another look at the tomatoes and peppers.  There are small pomodoro, roma and manitoba tomatoes.  Paprika, jalapeno, red beauty, cayenne and early cali wonder peppers.


Growing along the fence are brussels sprouts, onion, cucumber, dill at the end and lovage in the pot.

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